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Welcome to my lessons!

The main goal of the classes is to train professional musicians capable of handling and working in any musical situation that is proposed to them. We will emphasize on generating the necessary tools to understand and work in the professional field.

Individual and personalized

Depending on the needs of the student, we will work to make the most of the resources we have, seeking to progress through routines created specifically for the moment of each student.


Educational Proposal



I work in different styles, giving importance to the language and reading charts.

Development of the technical aspects necessary to achieve the desired audio.

Search for the right balance for each situation. Concepts for recording in the studio.


Preparation for auditions, admission to universities and session work.

Jazz, Latin, Brasilian, Funk, Rock are some of the styles that we work on in the classes. Vocabulary, dynamics, sound, grip. Everything necessary according to the audio of each style.

Balance between different limbs. Dynamic independence. Intensive work on the click and analysis of recordings in class.

Different types of grips and strokes. Movement optimization. Mechanics development and application on the set.

We work with the different subdivisions, figures and ostinatos. This will be applied to Chart Reading. Interpretation and language within styles.

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